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Thursday Morning starting August 28 at 6:00 am

Jacob: Following God Without Looking Back

After his twin brother, Esau, sold his birthright to him for a bowl of soup, Jacob thought his life would be one of comfort and ease.  Yet Jacob paid dearly for that deception and others as he tried to fulfill God’s promise on his own, rather than having faith that God would fulfill them in His time.  Jacob received a taste of his own bitter medicine as he was tricked into marrying Leah, the older sister of his beloved Rachel.  With two wives, multiple mistresses and children in many tents, Jacob headed a family wracked with jealousy, bickering, and intrigue until he realized he must trust God completely and follow Him faithfully.  Today as in Jacob’s time, true faith brings reconciliation and peace beyond what even the most diligent family leader can do without God’s guiding hand. 

Length: 13 Weeks
Facilitator: Robert Schafer
Cost: $15

The Apostles: Becoming Unified Through Diversity

They were united in a common belief in the power of Jesus, but struggled with their own glaring weaknesses. Still, Jesus saw fit to call them His Apostles and bestow upon them the mighty responsibility of spreading the Gospel throughout the world. In this novel, Dr. Gene Getz examines the life and role of each of the Apostles-what they shared, how they differed, where they stumbled, and how Christ transformed them into powerful servants of the Lord. Reading these fresh retellings of their remarkable stories, you will see yourself in them, and reaffirm Jesus’ power to use your personal strengths and weaknesses to His glory.

Length: 13 Weeks
Facilitator: Dale Bynum
Cost: $10

Wednesday Evening

Spiritual growth classes for men will be offered in October

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