OMG: Oakwood Mission Genesis
Are you exploring a call to missions? There is an intensive missions opportunity for training and serving in multiple countries. If you have any questions please contact Jeff Covington at 830.625.0267 or

If you are interested in participating in a mission trip, please fill out the OMG application by clicking on the following link: OMG Application

Upcoming Opportunities:

ecuadorShell, Ecuador: Return with us to Shell where we have worked many times before doing construction work and with children at a local orphanage.
Contact: Jeff Covington -
DATE: October 2nd – 10th




mexico flag

Mexico: Working with Dr. Comancho, we will travel to the more rural villages in Mexico to give them the medical need that they need. We need doctors and nurses to help those that can not receive the care on a regular basis.
Contact: Jeff Covington –
DATE: Late Summer/Early Fall



ugandaUganda: We will be working with Pastor Mathias and the churches in his area doing construction and working with children.
Contact: Jeff Covington -
DATE: September 9th-16th
COST: $2,500


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