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Oakwood Worship Ministry

Thank you for your interest in the Oakwood Worship Ministry!

Our goal, every week, is to lead people to have an authentic, personal experience with our Lord Jesus, whether they love to sing or not. We hope to create an atmosphere that focuses and prepares hearts and minds to hear from God.
Whether it be through the songs we pick, the scriptures we read or the prayers we pray, each aspect of the service is designed with hopes to reach God’s unique children in unique ways.

Do you sing or play an instrument and want to help?  There are two ways to get involved:

The Collective

The Collective is a group of people that love to sing and praise God through worship songs. Music is learned by ear and repetition. There is no written music and no assigned parts, but if you hear the harmony, bust it out! No one is on a solo mic, but the group sings on stage in front of stage mics and helps lead the congregation and perform special songs. The Collective is called upon a few times per year and practices only during those times.  All that is required is that you can carry a tune and love the Lord.

The Worship Team

The Worship Team is a group of singers and musicians that play, lead and sing on stage each week. Auditions are required as well as meeting certain criteria:

What is the Worship Team looking for?

  • The Right Fit - Many talented musicians and vocalists do not serve on the worship team because they simply are not a fit stylistically. Just because you may not be asked to serve does not mean you are not gifted. Our audition process is designed to look for the right fit for our music choices and style.

  • The Right Place - There is only so much room on stage and so many instruments needed. There may not be an opening in your area of skill. However, there are other stages (i.e. student ministry, BSF, Wednesday Night) that are sometimes looking for help and you may be able to serve there until a spot on our team opens up.

  • The Right Heart - You do not have to be a professional musician to serve in our ministry, but we do look for people who have a daily, abiding relationship with Jesus, a solid grasp of their skill, a willingness to learn and be part of a team, and already have a good general knowledge of their craft.

What are the expectations as a Worship Team volunteer?

  • Be Here - You must be a regular attender of Oakwood to serve on the worship team and we prefer that you become a member.  We expect to see you worshipping with the congregation on days you are not scheduled to be on stage.

  • Be Ready - You will be expected to show a high level of commitment to your service area. This includes responding to invites (via Planning Center Online), practicing, being prepared, and being on time to both the mid-week rehearsal & Sunday morning run through (7am). The practice on Wednesday (7:30-9pm) before your scheduled Sunday is mandatory.

  • Be Flexible - Things change fast here at Oakwood. You may be scheduled the day of practice or be asked to reschedule for various reasons.  Songs may change mid-week and even after practice and before Sunday! You might learn a song that gets cut or have to learn something fast on Sunday morning. We cannot always plan weeks ahead at Oakwood, but we will always try and communicate what changes.

What is the process to become part of the Oakwood Worship Team?

1.  Complete the Worship Team Application and send with your audition video
  • See “requirements for an audition video” below.
  • You will receive feedback within two weeks of applying.
2.  Live Audition
  • If we choose to move forward, you will be invited to a live audition.
  • The worship team leaders facilitate live auditions and then meets to evaluate your performance.
  • You will be contacted within two weeks of your live audition with the results.
3. Practice with the team
  • If we choose to move forward, you will come to observe and participate in a Wednesday night practice to make sure you are comfortable with the process and blend with the team.
4.  Serve
  • If all goes well, you will be scheduled and begin to serve in the Oakwood Worship Ministry.

What are the requirements for an Audition Video?

  • Your video must be current (filmed within the last month).
  • This does not need to be a highly produced video. Smartphone quality is great!
  • We must be able to see and hear you sing and/or play your instrument.

  • Record yourself singing/playing along with our most recent Sunday service online
  • Be relevant – sing along with a current band doing a current worship song.
  • If a vocalist, it’s good to hear you sing melody and harmony, so maybe pick two different songs
  • Have fun and don’t take it too seriously!

Still have questions or concerns? Let's chat.

Will Stevens

Worship Pastor